Una grande voglia d'amore

Directed By: Ninì Grassia


Paolo and his wife Daniela (Giovanna Chicco) live in a mountain village, a holiday destination for ski lovers. She is a rich heiress, while he’s an unfaithful womanizer.
In addition to his wife, Paolo has fun with Nicole, played by the pornstar Rossana Doll (credited with her real name, Rossana Di Pierro). Meanwhile, Wilma (Daniela Foggia), a friend of Nicole, goes to bed with Sergio, a boyfriend who is engaged to Giulia (Marilida Tedesco).
Yet another erotic film by Ninì Grassia, with many sex scenes. Full-frontal nudes, black stockings, long sexual sequences… The characteristics of Grassia’s films are all there.

Nude scenes