Alice in Wonderland

Directed By: Bud Townsend


The pornographic genre was saturated in recent years by gonzo movies, which over time have annoyed viewers. And so, today, producers are back to create productions that show plots and dialogues in these movies. In the 70s this was the habit, and it was not difficult to come across a porn movie with an interesting plot and good actors. In the case of Alice in Wonderland we are in front of the first example of a porn musicals. The main character was the model Kristine DeBell and the movie was a real success. The real hardcore scenes are very few, so that 20th Century Fox acquired the rights in 1977 and cutted only three minutes and could present it as R-Rating in conventional cinemas, earning 90 million dollars. Together with Kristin DeBell, there are other nude actresses as Terri Hall and Nancy Dare as two sexy nurses, Sue Tsengoles and Juliet Graham in the role of the Queen of Hearts.

Nude scenes