Emanuelle Around the World

Directed By: Joe D'Amato


Emanuelle – Perché violenza alle donne? is the fourth chapter of the film series dedicated to Black Emanuelle played by Laura Gemser. After the first, the next two chapters were Emanuelle in Bangkok and Emanuelle in America. The international title is Emanuelle Around the World.
There are six or seven different versions of this film. The differences are minimal; basically, the original film has some hardcore scenes, and the various versions released have these scenes partially or totally cut out. The hardcore scenes are with actresses unknown to us, except for a few seconds with Karin Schubert having sex and Ulla Johannsen getting penetrated with a banana.
The plot is the usual plot of these films. The beautiful Emanuelle travels the world in search of scoops, usually on sexual topics. Good for us, we can enjoy an exceptional female cast.
First, we must point out a couple of lesbian sequences, among the most interesting of the saga. Laura Gemser couples with the blonde Brigitte Petronio; Paola Maiolini has sex on a boat with Stefania Pecce, while Laura Gemser and a guy spying on them excitedly hidden in a closet.
In the film, there are many other interesting nude actresses: Anja Engstrom, Dirce Funari taking part in an orgy, Florence Barnes, Juliet Graham dancing naked among the homeless, Maria Renata Franco, and Paola D’Egidio.

Nude scenes