Alice nel paese delle perversioni

Directed By: Luca Damiano


Alice in the land of perversions is also known as Alice nel paese delle pornomeraviglie. But since Alice nel paese delle pornomeraviglie is also the Italian title of Alice in Wonderland we’ll continue to use Alice in the land of perversions, to avoid confusion.
All clear?
Alice is played by beautiful porn star Carole Nash (or Carol Nash), who played in a handful of films in the 90s. The story is always the same when it comes to Alice and Wonderland, but here there are few rabbits and hatters and many sex sequences. Together with Carole Nash there is Virna Anderson, whom many know as Barbarella. And then there’s the busty Chessie Moore, for lovers of the mature genre and of course the big boobs genre. In short, there is something for all tastes.

Nude scenes