Il sofà

Directed By: Lorenzo Onorati


It’s not easy to disentangle the filmography of Lorenzo Onorati, aka Lawrence Webber. Many of his direct-to-video films result from re-editing existing sequences with the addition of previously unreleased scenes.
Il sofà shares most of its sequences with the movie Abat-Jour 2 (also known as Abat-Jour 2 – Il sofà), but the editing is different and there are nude scenes not present in the other film.
However, we lovers of nude actresses do nothing but observe, admire and catalog all the hot scenes that pass in front of our eyes. In the film, we can enjoy nude scenes with Miriam Axa, Ornella Cerrone, Valentine Demy, and Virna Anderson.
Valentine Demy and Ornella Cerrone also give us a short lesbian scene.

Nude scenes