All the Old Knives

Directed By: Janus Metz


Based on the book of the same name by Olen Steinhauer, All the Old Knives begins with an airplane hijacking. The CIA tries to keep things from getting worse, but in the end, one hundred hostages die.
After ten years, the CIA reopens the case and contacts some agents involved. Someone may have cheated.
No spoilers about the story, except for the nudity.
Throughout the film, Thandiwe Newton appears in many nude scenes. You are right if you thought her name was Thandie throughout her previous works. Thandiwe is her real name, but a typographical error in her debut film, Flirting (1991), led to her being called Thandie Newton instead. The actress reclaimed her real name in 2021.
In the first hot scene, Thandiwe Newton is wearing only an unbuttoned shirt when he enters a room bringing coffee for her and her partner.
We have to wait almost 50 minutes, but it’s worth it: Thandiwe Newton gives us one of the most beautiful sex scenes of 2022. Six minutes later, we enjoy an after-sex with the beautiful Thandiwe lying on the bed, naked.

Nude scenes