Altri desideri di Karin

Directed By: Paul Bryan


As with many hardcore films of the last century, it is necessary to put the titles in some order. Altri desideri di Karin was released in 1987 directed by Paul Bryan, a fictitious name behind which Andrea Bianchi may be hiding. On VHS the film is released under a different title: I Vizi segreti di Karin. In Germany the film is presented under the title Karin Schubert: Blonde Exzesse or simply Blonde Exzesse. Karin plays the editor of a magazine column in which she recounts her erotic experiences. At the beginning of the film Karin collides with a guy on a bicycle, causing him to fall. The woman accompanies him to a bar bathroom for a medication, then to apologize she gives him a blowjob. Three minutes later, the guy has sex with Marina Kiss. Four minutes later we watch Karin Schubert in lingerie and red stockings as a man licks her between the legs. A few minutes later Karin returns the favor, then the two have sex. Meanwhile, the man has been wearing women’s lingerie. After another four minutes Karin visits her husband’s clothing store pretending to be a customer. He makes her try on undergarments, then caresses her pussy. Soon after, Karin masturbates him with her feet, then the two have sex. Later, Karin Schubert and Marina Kiss give us a lesbian scene on the couch. Later, Marina has sex with a man. The performance includes titsjob and anal.

Nude scenes