La muerte ronda a Mónica

Directed By: Hans Burman


La Muerte Ruende Monica (AKA Il buio intorno a Monica) is an intricate detective story of Spanish origin. Omics revolve around a construction company and its three partners.
In the fifth minute a maid hands the phone to Nadiuska, naked in the bathtub. One minute later, naked Jenny Llada is in bed with a man. Another man bursts into the dwelling, very jealous, and Jenny jumps out of bed and puts on a shirt. Three minutes later we see Nadiuska naked again. This time the woman is lying on her stomach on a massage table. After a quarter of an hour Bárbara Rey undresses while talking to Karin Schubert, then gets into bed. Karin also undresses, gets into bed with Bárbara, and kisses her. Thirty-four minutes later we watch Bárbara Rey naked in the shower. Seven minutes later Isabel Luque is in bed naked, next to a man who is talking on the phone.

Nude scenes