Amici Miei Atto II

Directed By: Mario Monicelli


The group of friends we discovered in Amici miei returns in a second chapter. One of them has died, and the friends are reminiscing about the good old days as they visit his grave.
Also in this chapter, we get to see a couple of exciting nude actresses. After the first ten minutes, Yole Marinelli gives us a fabulous full-frontal nude. We see the actress again twenty minutes later, and she is wearing a very exciting transparent robe. Speaking of transparencies, ten minutes later the redhead Domiziana Giordano is sitting on the floor, in the rain, with her transparent gown showing us her inviting breasts. A couple of minutes later the woman is on the couch with her man. He uncovers her tits and thighs, wearing stockings and garters.

Nude scenes