Amore libero – Free Love

Directed By: Pier Ludovico Pavoni


One of the absolute icons of Italian and international erotic cinema is Laura Gemser, an actress who is still beloved by a wide audience today, many years after her retirement from the scene in the 1990s.
Laura has acted in many erotic films, and the best known are undoubtedly those of the Black Emanuelle saga.
Her film career began in 1974, with this film by director Pier Ludovico Pavoni. Amore libero – Free Love is the story of an Italian engineer who arrives on an island to follow the opening work of a silver mine. The man must also find out what happened to his predecessor, who mysteriously disappeared.
In the 14th minute, Laura Gemser nude plays in the sea water with another group of unknown nude actresses. One minute later, the actress has sex with a man in a hut. The two have sex again four minutes later, this time under some palm trees. Twenty-five minutes later Olga Bisera rides naked on the beach. The actress captivates us with a fabulous body. In the next scene, Laura Gemser totally naked comes out of the sea waves together with a man and walks on the beach. Seven minutes later, Olga Bisera paints Laura Gemser‘s boobs as she lies naked on the sand, then they both dive into the sea. Soon after, Olga Bisera undresses and lies naked on a couch. Toward the end of the film, Olga participates in a hypnotic ritual dance. The actress is totally naked.

Nude scenes