Emmanuelle: L’antivierge

Directed By: Francis Giacobetti, Francis Leroi


Emmanuelle: L’antivierge (AKA Emmanuelle II AKA Emmanuelle, The Joys of a Woman) is the second chapter in a long saga of films, beginning with a trilogy starring Sylvia Kristel. In the first chapter, Emmanuelle (played by Sylvia Kristel) is in Bangkok, while in this second part, we find her traveling to Hong Kong, where she meets her husband Jean. The two are an open couple, and they experience sex freely.
On the boat trip to Hong Kong, Emmanuelle meets the girl in the bed next to her, Ingrid (Caroline Laurence), who tells her about a sexual adventure she had with three Asian chicks. After the tale, the two actresses engage in an exciting lesbian scene. During this scene we can glimpse for a few seconds Emmanuelle Arsan naked, the author of the novels on which the Emmanuelle saga is based.
Arriving in Hong Kong, the beautiful Sylvia immediately takes off her clothes and launches into sexual experiences. First petting with her husband, then autoeroticism, then more sex with her husband. After all this sex, Emmanuelle turns to gymnastics. With Sylvia Kristel‘s sensuality, gymnastics also radiates everything with eroticism. In the following scene, we watch Sylvia Kristel as she does an acupuncture session. During the session, she imagines herself having sex with a man, in one of the most beautiful scenes in the film. Much later, Sylvia Kristel performs a sex scene with a fully tattooed man. Another of the film’s most beautiful scenes follows: Emmanuelle and her husband go to a massage parlor with 18-year-old Catherine Rivet. They are massaged by three beautiful women: Laura Gemser, Christiane Gibeline, and Eva Hamel. The massage is long and very exciting, full of lesbian moments, body rubbing, and turgid nipples. The presence of Laura Gemser, who plays Black Emanuelle that same year, is interesting. After the massages, more sex. Sylvia is in bed with her husband, they have sex and meanwhile, she imagines other sex. Eight minutes later another beautiful scene: Sylvia Kristel and Catherine Rivet engaged in a threesome.

Nude scenes