Directed By: Stephen Williams


Ascension is a science fiction series made in 2014, canceled after the first season. In 1963, the U.S. administration led by John Fitzgerald Kennedy is afraid that a world war will wipe out the human race. It’s decided to send a starship with six hundred people on board, with the purpose of colonizing a planet in the Proxima Centauri solar system. Fifty years later the starship reaches the point of no return. In addition, the passengers have to deal with the first murder since their departure.
In the first episode, Tricia Helfer has sex with a man by riding him. Immediately afterwards, the woman gets up and undresses, showing us her fabulous ass. In the same episode, Amanda Thomson bathes in lingerie in the spaceship’s artificial sea. Later, the actress is a corpse in lingerie on the beach. Finally, there is a sexy scene with Jacqueline Byers in a bikini. The second episode features Michelle Mylett, Tricia Helfer, and Jessica Sipos in bikinis. Also, Tricia Helfer naked when she talks to Jessica Sipos and drops the towel covering her body. Finally, a sex sequence with Jessica Sipos in lingerie and garter belts. In the third episode we find ourselves drooling over Tricia Helfer‘s perfect ass as she emerges naked from the artificial sea.

Nude scenes