Bang, I Want You!

Directed By: Lorenzo Onorati


From the early 1980s to the early 1990s, director Lorenzo Onorati made a number of softcore and hardcore films, often using the pseudonym Lawrence Webber.
Bang, I Want You! is one of the latest softcore, with a specious plot that is lost after the first few sequences. A journalist (Surama De Castro) investigates some cases of usury, but after a few minutes, we see a long series of sex scenes, without any connection with the main story. Great!
Surama De Castro is engaged in almost all hot scenes. A couple of these are memorable: Surama undresses in an elevator full of men touching her; Surama has sex with a gas station attendant, leaning against a tree.
The actress Lucia Prato, one of the sexiest of the 90s, offers us other instant erection sequences. Lucia Prato gives us a lot of sex in the shower. Couple sex and then threesome.

Nude scenes