Basic Instinct

Directed By: Paul Verhoeven


Some movie sequences are impressed in the collective memory, even in people who have never seen the film. One of these is Sharon Stone crossing her legs in Basic Instinct. The plot of the film is simple: a detective investigates a brutal murder in which a famous writer is involved. She may be the murderer, but it’s not easy to piece together the clues with the face between the suspect’s legs…
We can see Sharon Stone naked right from the opening credits, in a bed sex sequence. The actress rides a man, then kills him. There are worse ways to die. We find Sharon Stone again after 17 minutes, barefoot and sexy. The actress undresses to change clothes, and two detectives spy on her in the mirror. A couple of minutes later we witness the famous legs scene. A group of detectives interrogates the woman and she crosses her legs showing pussy. After this interrogation Detective Nick is terribly horny and fucks the beautiful Jeanne Tripplehorn with great transportation. A sequence that gets us instantly horny, too.
Six minutes later, the detective is spying on Sharon Stone naked, through the window. When the two finally have sex, we watch a long, very exciting sequence, with oral sex and riding. The two have sex again after about half an hour, but we see them before and after, not during. After a quarter of an hour, there is the last sex scene.

Nude scenes