Directed By: Dawid Nickel


Alicja Stec (Helena Englert) is an influencer who has been missing for a year. When the girl reappears, she brings with her more questions than answers. The brother of another missing teenager claims that the two cases are linked. What happened to these girls? The hastag #BringBackAlice is the title of this interesting Polish miniseries, which also introduces us to some very intriguing nude actresses.
In the sixth minute of the second episode we find Helena Englert naked in the bathtub. Twenty minutes later, Mila Jankowska has sex with a guy in a parked car. Eleven minutes later Helena Englert wears black lingerie and has sex on a couch with a guy. Seven minutes later, Helena Englert, Katarzyna Galazka (Katarzyna Gałązka) and Mila Jankowska strip completely naked and dive off the deck of a boat. In the sixth episode Helena Englert is again naked in the bathtub. The girl is texting on her phone. Later we admire Mila Jankowska naked in bed with her guy.

Nude scenes