Caged Heat

Directed By: Jonathan Demme


Caged Heat is the first film by American director Jonathan Demme, which creates a “women in prison” movie with all the right ingredients. In a women’s prison, guards and director constantly tortured inmates. Some manage to escape and come back armed to free the others.
Cheryl Smith is in the cell. On the other side of the bars is a man groping her boobs. She pulls out a giant knife, but it’s only a dream. After about twenty minutes, we can see Ella Reid naked, in solitary confinement. Right after that, there’s a group shower full of naked actresses. We recognize Cheryl Smith, Erica Gavin, Juanita Brown, and Roberta Collins.
Later in the film, blonde Cheryl Smith is in solitary confinement. Of course, she is completely naked, because we are in a WIP genre film.
Some inmates escape and go to a brothel (the Academy of Sexual Satisfaction), to meet a friend of one of them: Crazy Alice (Crystin Sinclaire). Crystin Sinclaire is having sex with a man and is wearing transparent lingerie. Shortly after, we admire Crystin Sinclaire naked in the bathtub.
Meanwhile, in prison, a doctor is making a very thorough examination of Roberta Collins, who is naked. The last nude scene in the film is from Ella Reid.

Nude scenes