Casa di piacere

Directed By: Bruno Gaburro


Italian erotic film from the late 1980s. Valentine Demy plays a former prostitute who fantasizes about her past adventures. Her sexual experiences pass before the screen to our delight, and we can admire her copulating with several men and a woman.
In the first scene of our interest, Valentine Demy is sitting on a couch. The actress spreads her legs and masturbates. Later, the woman enters the bathtub with a man and the two have sex, in a long scene.
Twelve minutes elapse, then Valentine Demy is again engaged in sexual activity with a man. In the next scene, Valentine pours wine on a man’s chest and licks it. Then, the woman sits on a desk and the man has sex with her. There is also an interesting lesbian scene in the film, featuring Valentine Demy and Mary Maxwell. A couple more brief hot scenes close the list.

Nude scenes