Colpo Grosso: Cin Cin Girls vol. 1

Directed By: Celeste Laudisio


In our opinion, Colpo Grosso was the best Italian quiz. Maybe the tests that the contenders had to face were not exciting, but there were an impressive amount of beautiful girls. Nude!
To illustrate and catalog this heritage of nude actresses and nude next door girls we have created several monographs dedicated to the contenders, the EuroGirls, the stripteases, individual characters like Monique Sluyter and Amy Charles… and today we present the monograph dedicated to the “Cin Cin girls“.
The Cin Cin girls were the soubrettes of the transmission but also of the lucky charm for the competitors (and in fact in the second season of the program they were called “lucky charm girls”).
Each girl was represented by a fruit: the pineapple, the blueberry, the kiwi and so on. Many of them, in the years following the end of Colpo Grosso, have become actresses or show girls. Among them are Alma Lo Moro, Angelique Rinkel, Jasmine Lipovsek (AKA Jasmine Capelli), Nadia Visintainer, Natacha Velimirovic, Nikki Foley, Stella Kobs and Zara Whites.

Nude scenes