Colpo Grosso: Contenders vol. 28

Directed By: Celeste Laudisio


Twenty-eighth and final monograph dedicated to the contenders of the most famous Italian sexy quiz show in the world. In this monograph there are some special contestants.
All we know about Francesca is that she’s extremely sensual and performs very exciting stripteases. Maia is dark-haired and smiling. Silvia has participated as a contestant twice and the first time her name was Felix.
The other girls in the monograph come from a series of special episodes, where the contestants are staff members of the show. The girls are all Cin Cin Girls.
Esther is a beautiful Dutch woman. She has been a Cin Cin girl and also a contestant in other seasons. She also participated in the German version of the program: Tutti Frutti. Today she leads a normal life and doesn’t like her full name to be revealed. More than legitimate desire. We also saw her in monographs eighteen and nineteen. Nadege (perhaps her name is Nad├Ęge Leclercq) was also a Cin Cin girl. Simone Burkhard also performed in some full-frontal nude stripteases (for example here). The other girls are Britain’s Adele and Jacqueline Hammond (this is definitely a stage name, but this beautiful Dutch girl wants to keep her real name confidential). Jacqueline also performed some stripping.
Finally, we included Anna’s striptease from the second season and an Isabelle Neyle striptease from the first episode hosted by Maurizia Paradiso, which aired only after Maurizia and the production broke up.

Nude scenes