Colpo Grosso: Stripteases vol. 3 nude scenes

Colpo Grosso: Stripteases vol. 3

Directed By: Celeste Laudisio


The stripteases were undoubtedly one of the most loved moments of the sexy quiz Colpo Grosso. They were presented in the weekend episodes or as the ending theme. In the fourth season was introduced the “superstar”, a girl who would perform in a full-frontal nude striptease to reward the winner contender. These superstars were models, or girls seen in previous seasons of Colpo Grosso, in the role of EuroGirls or Cin Cin Girls.
This is the third monograph that we dedicate to the strippers of Colpo Grosso, which also includes a couple of superstars and their full-frontal nudes.

Nude scenes