Con la zia non è peccato

Directed By: Giuseppe Pulieri


Marina Hedman plays Gloria Lamborghini, an Italian living in America. She returns to Italy to sell one of her lands, as a guest of her widowed sister-in-law Antonia (Antonella Antinori). While defining the sale, Gloria convinces Antonia to marry the town pharmacist and sexually weans her nephew Saro.
This film is available in two versions, a softcore version, and a hardcore version. Apart from Marina Hedman, none of the actors in the hardcore sequences appeared in the original film. It’s unclear if the hardcore scenes were shot specifically for this film, but they don’t appear to be from another.
Let’s look at the softcore version. It starts off with Marina Hedman taking off her clothes and diving into the water. We are immediately captivated. A moment later, the woman lies on the rocks, topless, trying to seduce the protagonist. Later, Marina Hedman and Antonella Antinori star in an intriguing scene.
The most interesting aspect of the film is the game of seduction between aunt and niece. Spoiler alert: at the end of the film, the nephew will fuck his aunt before she returns to America.
There are also a couple of long sex scenes in the film starring Marina Hedman and a man. Antonella Antinori is also featured in some scenes. A very long lesbian sequence between Antonella Antinori and Marina Hedman is one of our favorite scenes in the film. Very exciting.
Now let’s talk about the hardcore version of the film, which is harder to find. Two hard scenes are included within the opening credits. The first features Marina Hedman and an unknown actress in a lesbian scene. The second scene is a sex sequence between Marina and a man. Five minutes later, Marina Hedman is taking a shower; a man enters the bathroom and starts having sex with her. Forty-five minutes later, Marina Hedman is giving a blowjob to a man.

Nude scenes