Cornetti al miele

Directed By: Sergio Martino


A man betrays his wife with her best friend. Then he knows his son’s girlfriend and goes to bed with her too. So, technically he betrays both his wife and son. No reward for “Best father of the year” or “Best husband of the year” for him.
This is synthetically the plot of Cornetti al miele, a TV-Movie released in the late 90’s. The direction is by Sergio Martino and is not one of his best movies, but there are Marina Giulia Cavalli and Alessia Merz then… sexy scenes! There are no nudes, but if you are part of the group of foot fetishists who follow our site you will surely love the sequence with Alessia Merz in black tights. And if you are a MILF fan you can not miss the scenes with the amazing Marina Giulia Cavalli.

Nude scenes