Orgia das Taras nude scenes

Orgia das Taras

Directed By: Luiz Castellini


In the brothel run by the beautiful Jandira (Matilde Mastrangi), there is a fight between customers. Marcos saves Wilson, a foreigner who has recently arrived in town. Not only does Marcos help Wilson, but the next day he offers him a job. Wilson will soon discover that his luck is not over, because Marcos’ sexy wife (Patrícia Scalvi) is intent on having sex with him.
Orgia das Taras is a 1980s Brazilian film, with a slightly chaotic storyline, but with a couple of stunning nude actresses. Matilde Mastrangi is engaged in a couple of sex sequences: duo and group.
Patrícia Scalvi stars in almost all nude scenes. She is beautiful, warm, and uninhibited.

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