House of Lies (Season 5)

Directed By: Matthew Carnahan


Fifth and final season of House of Lies. Marty Kaan and his team face crucial challenges in the world of business, trying to redeem the past and secure their future. With bold decisions and gripping intrigue, the characters head towards the series finale. In the previous four seasons we have admired several nude actresses (here, here, here and here). There are also nude actresses in the fifth, but in small numbers and only in the first three episodes.
In a very brief sequence at the beginning of the first episode, we admire Nicky Whelan naked while wearing a transparent dressing gown. Fifteen minutes later Kristen Bell moans with pleasure lying in bed while a man performs oral sex on her. In the following scene Nicky Whelan is preparing breakfast wearing a long striped shirt. A man reaches behind her and opens her shirt revealing her breasts, then sits her on the kitchen marble and has sex with her. The second episode opens with a sex scene. Nicky Whelan naked is riding a man on the bed, then he is on top of her, then she is doggy-style. In the fourteenth minute of episode three, topless Anastacia McPherson dances at a party.

Nude scenes