Hell Penitentiary

Directed By: Gianni Siragusa, Sergio Garrone


When her sister is murdered, Julia (Linda Jones) infiltrates a women’s prison to find the only witness to the murder. It is a WIP (Women in Prison) genre film, so poor Julia ends up in a whirlwind of sex and violence. Sex, mostly.
Detenute violente (AKA Hell Penitentiary) was shot back-to-back with Perverse oltre le sbarre and in fact shares some of the nude actresses who play it.
Before the opening credits, Olivia Aperio Bella is having sex with a man, lying on a white fur rug. Six minutes later, Ajita Wilson is in prison having sex with a man (in Women in Prison genre films, inmates are either naked in the shower or they are fucking). Soon after, we enjoy a lesbian scene with Leda Simonetti and Rita Silva. Later, another lesbian scene, this time starring Ajita Wilson and Linda Jones. Soon after, we find the two actresses in the shower, together with Leda Simonetti. Throughout the duration of the film, Leda Simonetti and Rita Silva continue their lesbian activities. In between lesbian scenes, Linda Jones dressed as a sexy doctor has sex with a doctor. Later, Ajita Wilson is involved in a sex scene that ends in gunfire.

Nude scenes