Hell Behind the Bars

Directed By: Gianni Siragusa, Sergio Garrone


Beautiful Conchita (Ajita Wilson) steals diamonds and ends up in prison. The prison is typical of WIP (Women in Prison) films: the cell doors are always open and the prisoners are naked from morning to night. It’s not difficult for Conchita to organize an escape plan.
Perverse oltre le sbarre (AKA Hell Behind the Bars) was filmed at the same time as Detenute violente and shares much of the female cast.
Ajita Wilson begins undressing less than three minutes into the film, then gets into bed, where a man joins her for sex. If you like catfights, six minutes later Linda Jones and another actress are fighting in the prison yard. You see more stockings than nudity, but eventually, a boob pops out. Two minutes later we find Ajita Wilson and Linda Jones naked in the shower. Soon after, Leda Simonetti and Rita Silva are engaged in a lesbian scene.
Rita Silva plays a bisexual prison warden. After her performance with Leda, she indulges in some straight sex with a prison guard. Later, we witness a lesbian threesome between Ajita Wilson, Linda Jones, and Olivia Aperio Bella. More sex comes after eight minutes: Ajita Wilson has sex with a man; Leda Simonetti spies on them through the keyhole and masturbates.

Nude scenes