Diary of a Madam

Directed By: Godfrey Daniel


Diary of a Madam is an adult comedy made by Godfrey Daniel in 1969. The legendary Marsha Jordan is the former mistress of a brothel, reminiscing about the good old days sitting on the couch. Of course, her memories materialize on the screen, to the delight of the viewers.
At the beginning of the film, the matron presents her goods to distinguished businessmen: four beautiful girls. We don’t know the first one, then there are Julia Blackburn, Eve Orlon, and Linda York.
Eve Orlon and the stranger go into the bedroom with the two businessmen. Here begins a long scene of softcore sex. The two girls are beautiful and arousing and kiss each other while the men penetrate them doggy style.
Julia Blackburn and Linda York entertain a boy in another room. The scene starts well, with Julia Blackburn sitting on the boy’s face and Linda York giving him a blowjob.
The scene that follows offers some soft BDSM. Linda York is the mistress, the unknown prostitute is tied up, and a man closes the threesome. Soon after, the two women are engaged in an exciting lesbian scene that includes an old-fashioned vibrator and a strapon, although penetration is not seen.
In the final minutes of the film Marsha Jordan, who unfortunately never took off her clothes, makes a statement about brothels that should be legalized worldwide, then the words THE END bring us back to the real world.

Nude scenes