È stata la mano di Dio

Directed By: Paolo Sorrentino


È stata la mano di Dio (AKA The Hand of God) is another masterpiece of the Italian director Paolo Sorrentino, but it’s also his biography. The director tells us about his life as a teenager in the Naples of the 80s, the one that acclaimed the great footballer Diego Armando Maradona.
At the same time, we cheer the full-frontal nude of the fabulous Luisa Ranieri, who in four sequences makes our heads explode with excitement. Years do not go by for Luisa Ranieri, who shows us two big and firm tits and a spectacular body.
Besides her, we can admire two very intriguing actresses who show us their breasts under transparent dresses. Cristiana Dell’Anna wears a transparent lace bra; Sofya Gershevich plays in the theater wearing transparent dressing gowns.

Nude scenes