Emanuelle bianca e nera nude scenes

Emanuelle bianca e nera

Directed By: Mario Pinzauti


Nude scenes taken from a very rare film: Emanuelle bianca e nera. The two Emanuelles are interpreted by Malisa Longo and Rita Manna. The film is among those films built on the success of Emanuelle Nera interpreted by Laura Gemser, which in turn were created following the literary character of Emmanuelle, interpreted at the cinema by Sylvia Kristel.
In the South American pre-civil war, Emanuelle is the daughter of a plantation owner. And she’s very bad with slaves. Her boyfriend is bitten by a snake and falls in love with Emanuelle’s beautiful African-American slave who saved his life. Madly jealous, Emanuelle continues to mistreat the slave…
Emanuelle bianca e nera is a film very rare to find and particularly sought after by admirers of Malisa Longo, since the beautiful actress shows herself generously in fabulous full frontal nudes.

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