Emmanuelle, Queen of Sados

Directed By: Ilias Mylonakos


After years of abuse, a woman hires a hitman to kill her husband. When it finally seems that her happiness has returned to her life, the killer begins to blackmail her.
The original title of this film is I mavri Emmanouella. It’s a Greek production that tries to remind the viewer of the character of Black Emanuelle played by Laura Gemser in several successful films.
Worldwide, the film is known with a long list of titles, almost thirty. The most used are Emmanuelle, Queen of Sados, Emanuelle’s Daughter, and Sexy Moon.
The film was advertised in Italy, on some movie posters, as the first hardcore film by Laura Gemser, but it is a softcore film. However, Laura Gemser performs in several very hot sequences. We can also admire other nude actresses like Nadia Neri, Kathrin Maalouf, Anda Vartholomeou, and Tarita.

Nude scenes