Goodbye, Emmanuelle

Directed By: François Leterrier


It’s time to present in HD quality the videos taken from the third chapter of the Emmanuelle saga, with the title Goodbye Emmanuelle. Playing the role of this icon of eroticism is again Sylvia Kristel. Starting with the fourth chapter, with the passage from Sylvia Kristel to Mia Nygren, many other actresses will play this role in a saga that goes on until our days. In this third episode, Emmanuelle and her husband Jean landed on a tropical island in the Seychelles, seeking new erotic experiences. This time, however, among the many occasional partners, our Emmanuelle will find a new love, and she will go far away with him, leaving her husband. Besides Sylvia Kristel naked and fabulous, other actresses appear naked on screen: Charlotte Alexandra, Caroline Laurence and Radiah Frye.

Nude scenes