Goodbye Emmanuelle

Directed By: François Leterrier


Goodbye Emmanuelle (AKA Emmanuelle 3) is the third installment of what is considered the classic trilogy of the long-running Emmanuelle saga, the one inspired by Emmanuelle Arsan’s novels. After Bangkok and Hong Kong, this time Emmanuelle (played again by Sylvia Kristel) flies to the Seychelles, where she meets the director Grégory. A feeling arises between the two that prompts her to think about her life and question her marriage. The philosophy of free love has given her less than she thought, and now she decides to devote herself to a monogamous love affair with the director, while her husband struggles and tries to win her back.
The film begins with our Sylvia Kristel soaking in a relaxing bath, aided by the maid Angélique (Radiah Frye). Later, the maid also attends to Emmanuelle‘s sexual needs. A lesbian performance, which turns into a threesome when Emmanuelle‘s husband returns home. After sex, the couple leaves for Seychelles, where they are guests of a family of friends. There follows a scene with Sylvia Kristel kissed between her thighs, then a threesome with Charlotte Alexandra and Olga Georges-Picot, and finally an intriguing full-frontal nude of Charlotte Alexandra. Seven minutes later, we witness a post-coital scene with Sylvia Kristel. She is naked and lying down, then gets up to dress. After fourteen minutes with no nude scenes, Sylvia Kristel is back in bed with a man for a brief sex sequence.
By now Emmanuelle is in crisis and the erotic scenes drop dramatically. Fortunately, Caroline Laurence comes to the rescue, delighting us with a topless dance around the fire. The dance is quick, as a fight starts, but it helps to reignite Emmanuelle‘s passion. A moment later we witness Sylvia Kristel naked on the shoreline, engaged in a long fuck with a man. This is the last fuck of film, which we see again twenty minutes later as a memory of the woman. Apparently, the saga ends here, although the thousand films that follow tell us otherwise.

Nude scenes