Emmanuelle 6

Directed By: Bruno Zincone, Jean Rollin


Emmanuelle and her model friends are in the Amazon for a photo shoot. Things get bad when our erotic heroine is confronted by a terrible slave trader. After Sylvia Kristel‘s farewell in the third installment of the saga, Emmanuelle‘s character was played by Mia Nygren in the fourth film, and Monique Gabrielle in the fifth. The actress in Emmanuelle 6 is the beautiful Natalie Uher. We are confronted with a long 80s-style softcore video clip directed by Bruno Zincone.
During the opening credits, we are introduced to the new actress, who walks naked through the house. Later, the woman visits a psychiatrist because she’s suffering from amnesia. The man sits her in Emmanuelle‘s iconic straw chair, and memories begin to surface.
Emmanuelle is sitting on a bus with other models. One of them (Dagmar Berger) takes off her shirt and dances topless. The model’s journey continues on a cruise ship. A jungle princess (Tamira) hides in a trunk in Emmanuelle‘s room. Meanwhile, models Rania Raja and Ilena D’Arcy are engaged in a lesbian performance. In the following scene, the models prepare for the photo shoot. There are Dagmar Berger, Ilena D’Arcy, Natalie Uher, and Rania Raja. Five minutes later, the girls are in their room, naked. Three minutes later, Natalie Uher is having sex with a man in the ship’s engine room. One minute later, the ship’s captain tries to harass Emmanuelle, but he is knocked out by Tamira, who bottles him up. The girl is topless. The adventure moves into the jungle and we can see Natalie Uher naked on the shore of a river. In the water, there are also the other three nude models. It’s a very long scene. A man reaches Natalie Uher and has sex with her.
The story shifts to the present day. The psychologist cannot unlock any more of Emmanuelle‘s memories, so he subjects her to the ritual of a weird priestess (Melissa). We return to the jungle, where the final events of Emmanuelle‘s journey take place. Tamira is always topless, Christele Merault has sex with a man, and the slave traders are arrested. Emmanuelle remembers everything and walks happily through a newly plowed field. She kneels down, unbuttons her shirt, and begins to fondle herself.

Nude scenes