Eros Hotel

Directed By: Sergio Bergonzelli


A group of three couples goes on vacation to Istanbul. They are joined by a girl, Daniela. Daniela and a waiter spend their time spying on the sexual performances of the three couples.
This film is known under various titles, but the official title is Eros Hotel. It’s an Italian-Turkish-Spanish production and was shot entirely in Turkey by the Italian director Sergio Bergonzelli.
It’s a softcore movie, but some hardcore scenes were added later. After a series of problems with the Turkish censorship that did not authorize its export, the film was released in Italy in 1981 with the title Daniela mini-slip, including hardcore scenes.
The actresses of the softcore version are Daniela Duque, Guia Lauri Filzi, Vanessa Hidalgo and Violeta Cela. The inserted scenes feature Laura Levi, Pauline Teutscher and Guia Lauri Filzi.

Nude scenes