Errore Fatale

Directed By: Beppe Cino


Silvia (Loredana Romito) is married to an unfaithful rich man. One day her husband has an accident with a motorcyclist. Silvia falls in love with the motorcyclist and hatches a plan to get rid of her husband.
The first sequence is a classic for movies we like: Loredana Romito naked in the shower. Fifty seconds later, the actress is engaged in a long and exciting sex scene in bed, with a man. Twenty minutes later there is another beautiful sex scene, this time performed by Carmen Manzano. Immediately afterward we admire Loredana Romito engaged in a long and satisfying fuck. Fifteen minutes later, Loredana Romito seduces us in red lingerie and black thigh-high stockings.
The first nude scene in the film is in the shower, the last is in the bathtub. Loredana Romito is washing herself and a man joins her. The two have sex in the bathtub, then continue in bed.

Nude scenes