La monaca nel peccato

Directed By: Joe D'Amato


La monaca nel peccato (also known as La monaca del peccato and internationally as the Convent of Sinners) is a great classic among the Italian nunsploitation. The movie tells the story of a young woman sent to a convent to atone for her sins, but in the convent she falls in love with a priest. The other jealous nuns accuse the woman of being possessed by the devil.
This is one of our favorite movies, full of nude actresses and they are all myths of the 80s. Let’s start with the lead actress, Eva Grimaldi, who shows us some fabulous full frontal nudes and a couple of lesbian sequences with Aldina Martano, the superior mother.
Then there are Beba Balteano, Karin Well, Jessica Moore and Maria Pia Parisi. All nuns with a very intense sexual life and some with lesbian tendencies.

Nude scenes