Directed By: James Kenelm Clarke


The writer Paul steals a story from his friend Simon and with this story he gets a great literary success. Simon does not take it well and kills himself.
Simon’s widow, Linda, hatches a revenge plan. She gets hired as a secretary by Paul and ponders killing him. Linda manages to eliminate two of the writer’s lovers, but once in front of the writer she only manages to hurt him.
In this film, we can admire two fabulous nude actresses. The first is Linda Hayden, famous in the 70s for her numerous appearances in horror films and sex comedies. The second actress is Fiona Richmond, the famous English sex symbol of the 70s. Both show us very intriguing scenes. Linda Hayden is dedicated to auto-eroticism, Fiona Richmond has sex with writer Paul. And then there’s a long and beautiful lesbian sequence between the two actresses.

Nude scenes