The Laughing Woman

Directed By: Piero Schivazappa


The Laughing Woman (original title is Femina Ridens) is an interesting film, difficult to place in a genre. The photography is perfect, the futurist sets are perfect and the choice of actors is perfect.
The story entirely revolves around the two leading actors, Philippe Leroy and Dagmar Lassander. This Prague-born red-haired actress, beautiful as a porcelain doll, plays her part perfectly, first as a passive woman, then as an active one.
Dr. Sayer is a wealthy and important man with a misogynist personality. Thanks to experienced escorts, he spends weekends in his villa staging BDSM sessions that culminate in the fake death of the woman.
Sayer goes from fiction to reality with his employee, Mary (Dagmar Lassander). The man kidnaps her and forces her into physical and mental torture. He shows her the photos of the fake deaths passing them off as real and brings her to the brink of suicide. But soon we see a reversal of roles.
Italy censors seized the film, then it was broadcast with some cuts in cinemas.
A must is the sequence of Dagmar Lassander dancing wrapped in transparent white gauze: very erotic. The beautiful Dagmar delights us with other nude sequences throughout the film, all of which are very interesting.

Nude scenes