Grandi Magazzini

Directed By: Franco Castellano, Giuseppe Moccia


Grandi Magazzini is a 1986 choral film, a comedy that brings together many big names in Italian cinema of that period. There are successful comedians and also several stunning beauties. The plot is a pretext for showing various comic gags that take place during a typical day inside a large shopping mall, from 9 a.m. until closing. There are unfortunately no nude actresses, but many beauties who give us intriguing sequences.
Francesca Dellera and an almost unrecognizable Eva Grimaldi with blond hair walk in front of the mall entrance and their skirts rise to the breath of air from the subway grates, reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe‘s iconic scene. In another sequence, Heather Parisi improvises a brief striptease and remains in her underwear and bra, then gets into bed. Laura Antonelli stars in a scene for foot fetishists, when she takes off a shoe to play footsie with a man. The film also features singer Sabrina Salerno, who partially undresses in a dressing room.

Nude scenes