Grazie… nonna

Directed By: Franco Martinelli


Engineer Persichetti’s elderly father moved some time ago to Caracas. He’s now dead, and his second wife is coming to Italy to meet the family. Everyone expects to find a little old lady, but instead it’s a stunning hottie played by Edwige Fenech. Naturally, the hormones of all the males in the house light up. With Grazie… nonna, director Franco Martinelli reminds us of Samperi’s Grazie zia (but the final scene seems inspired by Malizia).
In the ninth minute, we admire “grandma” Edwige Fenech naked, standing in the bathtub. One of the men of the house enters the next room to bring her flowers and chats with her, spying her as she washes, dries and spreads cream on her bare skin. Edwige exhibits a fabulous full-frontal nude. Twenty-eight minutes later, the actress changes clothes in a tennis court locker room, spied through the keyhole by a horny nephew. The guy spies on her again six minutes later. Edwige Fenech is sitting on her bed and next to her is a man caressing her thighs. The woman is wearing thigh-high stockings. Twenty-two minutes later the scene is repeated. Edwige is sitting on her bed in a low-cut red dress and hold-up stockings, and a man is caressing her legs. Three minutes later there is a sexy scene with Valeria Fabrizi, who opens her robe and remains in black lingerie. One minute later there is Edwige Fenech naked in the bathtub, soaping herself and singing. The actress turns us on with another beautiful full-frontal nude. A couple of minutes later Edwige sits on the couch with generous cleavage and thighs in evidence, intending to seduce her nephew. Unfortunately, the arrival of someone interrupts the glances and caresses. At the end of the film, we once again see Edwige Fenech naked, lying in bed.

Nude scenes