Thank You, Aunt

Directed By: Salvatore Samperi


Anvise is the young son of a wealthy industrialist who pretends to be paralyzed in order to avoid interacting with others. Psychosomatic paralysis is what the doctors call it.
Lea (Lisa Gastoni) is his maternal aunt and a doctor. She is entrusted with healing him by the family.
The aunt and niece are left at home alone while the family goes on a business trip. Their relationship soon becomes morbid. Lea exudes a strong erotic charge and there is a great attraction between them.
Thank You, Aunt (original title is Grazie zia) relaunched Lisa Gastoni’s career, making her an erotic icon of Italian cinema.
Even though there aren’t many nudes, the film is full of exciting sequences. We can still admire Lisa Gastoni naked, in all her glory, on a couple of occasions.

Nude scenes