Directed By: Rob Zombie


The long-running Halloween film saga began in 1978 and ended in 2002. Five years later, director Rob Zombie takes the best elements of the previous eight films and makes a reboot/remake/prequel that tells us the story of Michael Myers since his childhood. Fortunately for us, he also throws in some nude actresses.
In the 14th minute Sheri Moon Zombie walks to the pole dance pole showing us her round ass, then performs for the audience. In the next scene Hanna Hall is having sex with her boyfriend. He gets out of bed and we clearly see her boobs. The guy wears the iconic Michael Myers mask to spice up the fucking, but it’s not very successful. Soon after, we see Hanna Hall naked again while wearing a tank top, then lying in bed with her ass facing the camera. Forty-six minutes later Kristina Klebe has sex with a guy in an abandoned house. Not quite abandoned, because Michael is there to spoil the party. However, first we admire a full-frontal nude of Kristina. Twelve minutes later Danielle Harris is having sex on the couch with a guy, but again Michael shows up and interrupts the fucking. We see Danielle Harris naked again in the next scene, but she is covered in blood.

Nude scenes