Halloween: Resurrection

Directed By: Rick Rosenthal


Michael is still alive. What a surprise! His niece thought she had decapitated him, but in fact she had decapitated a nurse disguised as Michael. Summary of previous episodes: in the first chapter Michael escapes from the asylum and tries to kill Laurie Strode. Same thing in the second chapter. The third chapter is a story that has nothing to do with the events of Michael Myers. In the fourth chapter Laurie is dead and Michael wants to kill his niece. In the fifth chapter too. In the sixth chapter a druidic cult tries to protect Michael, but he kills everyone. In 1998 Halloween H20: 20 Years Later was released, which is a sequel to the second film and doesn’t consider all the others. Ideally, it was supposed to close a trilogy, but then this Halloween: Resurrection was made. Which is really the last in the saga that began in 1978.
As in all the other films, even in this one there are few hot scenes. Daisy McCrackin makes out with a guy in a dungeon and takes off her shirt, then a door opens to a room full of skeleton bones. Not exactly the ideal place for a fuck.

Nude scenes