House on the Edge of the Park

Directed By: Ruggero Deodato


La casa sperduta nel parco (AKA House on the Edge of the Park) is one of the most famous films by the Italian director Ruggero Deodato, vaguely inspired by a true story that happened in Italy in those years.
A couple of thugs break into some boys’ villa and begin harassing both them and their girlfriends.
Before the opening credits, actor David Hess has sex with Regina Mardek, who was his wife. Fifteen minutes later, Annie Belle, Lorraine De Selle, and Marie Claude Joseph delight the eyes of all stocking fetishists.
Annie Belle stars in the two hot scenes that follow. In the first scene, the actress is sitting on a refrigerator, legs apart, while a man kisses her between her thighs. The second sequence is a classic shower, which ends with sex. In the following scene, we can admire the tits of Lorraine De Selle and Marie Claude Joseph.
Lorraine De Selle and Marie Claude Joseph are still playing the three following nude sequences. Then Annie Belle delights us with a long sex scene.
Halfway through the film, there is a new entry, Brigitte Petronio, who stays dressed for only five minutes. After her, a nice sex sequence with Lorraine De Selle, and then Brigitte Petronio naked again.

Nude scenes