La notte dell’alta marea

Directed By: Luigi Scattini


Richard Butler is a middle-aged publicist who runs a fashion agency in Melbourne. When he meets 20-year-old Dyanne (Annie Belle) he falls in love with her. The girl teases him but does not seem willing to lie with him.
Immediately after the opening credits we find Carole Dagenais naked, intent on riding a man lying in bed. Four minutes later Annie Belle shows us full-frontal nude in a brief scene in the sauna, standing among other people. We see Annie Belle naked again twenty-two minutes later, when she takes off her shirt before entering the bathtub. One minute later a man enters the house and finds Carole Dagenais waiting for him naked, lying in bed, ready to cuddle him. Eleven minutes later Reda Markovitz enters a man’s office. The actress wears a see-through white shirt under which we see her tits. We see them even better when she takes it off, then he pulls off her skirt and panties. The two start making out on the couch, but a phone call interrupts everything. Sixteen minutes later Annie Belle takes off her bikini and prepares for a photo shoot on the shoreline. After nineteen minutes, Annie gives us the last nude scene of the film when she approaches the bed where a man is waiting for her, undresses, and has sex with him.

Nude scenes