Housewives Report

Directed By: Eberhard Schröder


Hausfrauen-Report, aka Housewives Report, is the first in a series of five false documentaries on sexual desires and marital infidelities of German housewives. In various episodes, numerous nude actresses show their bodies in front of our eyes, engaged in erotic scenes.
Astrid Boner is the first to take off her clothes, for a nice sex scene, with a final cigarette. To follow, Doris Arden undresses for an audition as a model. She has two fabulous boobs, and of course, she gets hired. Angelika Baumgart takes a naked bath with her partner. Renate Kasché has sex in the cab of a truck. Elisabeth Volkmann has boring sex with her husband, but she consoles herself shortly after with a whole team of water polo players. Nineteen-year-old Sybil Danning shows us a pair of stunning tits. Nadine De Rangot, beautiful and buttery, first admires her breasts in her mirror, then has sex with a man.

Nude scenes