I carabbimatti

Directed By: Giuliano Carnimeo


I carabbimatti, released in 1981 and directed by Giuliano Carnimeo, features some of the many jokes dedicated to one of Italy’s police corps: the carabinieri. In the 1980s, there were many comic films dedicated to this subject in Italy. In this one, two carabinieri end up in a nursing home for mental illness while looking for a bank robber.
In the 20th minute, the sensual Licinia Lentini is sitting on the bed wearing only black panties and bra. The woman is talking on the phone. Twenty-five minutes later the actress is still sitting in bed and still talking on the phone, but this time she is naked and we can appreciate her beautiful tits. Nineteen minutes later Licinia Lentini is hiding in a wardrobe, wearing transparent white lingerie. In another wardrobe is Marcella Petrelli naked.

Nude scenes