Il commissario Lo Gatto

Directed By: Dino Risi


Lo Gatto is a nice, bumbling Italian police commissioner sent on duty to the island of Favignana. Here, he investigates the murder of a woman, although it was not the body.
In the 21st minute, Germany’s Brigitta Bohm walks topless on the beach. A policeman goes to inform her that this is an outrage of decency, but soon after he’s charmed by the half-naked blonde. A couple of minutes later, the two are in bed together in a post-coital scene. Fifteen minutes later, the inspector interrogates Valeria Milillo while she’s taking a shower on the beach, topless. Valeria Milillo naked is beautiful and sensual in her twenties. Eight minutes later, Licinia Lentini is wearing a tight, semi-transparent yellow tank top that greatly enhances her ample breasts. Six minutes later, we admire a full-frontal nude of Isabel Russinova, who takes off her long black dress in front of an aroused man.

Nude scenes