Il bello delle donne (Season 2)

Directed By: Maurizio Ponzi


The second season of this TV series revolves around a beauty salon for women. Each episode represents a month of the year. The first season ran from September to August, while the second season runs from January to December.
In the third episode Giuliana De Sio is in bed with a man. She straddles him and pulls down her robe, showing us her beautiful breasts. In the fourth episode, we enjoy a super sexy sequence with Maria Grazia Cucinotta. In episode five, Eva Grimaldi gets naked in a brief sex scene.
In the seventh episode, we admire Loredana Cannata‘s boobs for a few moments. In episode 11 Eva Robins takes off her shirt in front of a man, showing off very nice breasts. A sexy scene by Ginevra Colonna closes the list of hot sequences in this second season.

Nude scenes