Il mondo perverso di Beatrice

Directed By: Joe D'Amato


Il mondo perverso di Beatrice is a nice hardcore film shot by Joe D’Amato, who used the pseudonym of Alexander Borsky. There is not much info about this movie, but we can guess that it’s an Italian-French production, cause the porn actors are Italian and the porn actresses are French. The porn stars are really interesting: Nadine Roussial, Elisabeth Buré (credited as Regine Mallot) and Cathy Dupré (credited as Majorie Blin).
The plot is almost nonexistent. The actors are fucking all the time and we can also enjoy a couple of lesbian scenes between Nadine Roussial and Cathy Dupré. Finally, a couple of threesomes, the first with Cathy Dupré, Nadine Roussial and Paolo Gramignano and the second with Nadine Roussial, Elisabeth Buré and Paolo Gramignano.

Nude scenes