Il tuo piacere è il mio

Directed By: Claudio Racca


Italian decamerotic among the rarest; unfortunately also among the less beautiful. Some of the nobles seated at the table are told some stories taken from the stories of Honoré de Balzac. Spicy stories, of course, which become episodes of the film. As we said, the quality of the film is not at the highest level, but the cast of nude actresses is superb.
The film opens with two beautiful full nudes, those of Erna Schurer and Marisa Solinas.
Ewa Aulin doesn’t strip but offers a fabulous scene to female foot fetishists. Sylva Koscina delights us with her wonderful breasts. Femi Benussi plays two characters in two separate episodes. Both times she gives us full nudes and breathtaking sequences. Also noteworthy is a nude by Imelde Marani.

Nude scenes